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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  June 1, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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this is nbc 10 news first alert weather. >> right now at 11:00, heavy showers and thunderstorms today. here is a live look at i-95 in south philadelphia. looks hazy out there and, of course rainy. if you take a live look at the radar, right now you will see we're getting a bit of a break from the heavy rain that we saw a little earlier this morning, but there is more on the way. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with our forecast. glenn? >> vai, we did get a lull here but there is more rain coming and a lot of it in some places. that's why we have a first alert still out for today, tonight, and even into tomorrow. some heavy hours, thunderstorms,
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and localized flooding likely to occur as early as this afternoon. we've got a flash flood watch for a good bit of the area. as you can see, all the way until midnight tonight. not the extreme north or the extreme south. we had quite a bit of rain earlier today, and now we have a break. more is going to develop, and this computer model will show you that as we go through the afternoon. you see there's a front nearby and right along that front we're going to be seeing the showers and storms develop, and it's possible that some will be moving right over the same areas and leading to some of that flooding. so we'll get more into this hour by hour what areas are most vulnerable with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> thank you, glenn. the rain ma he had thisde this morning's rain a headache for a lot of
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commuters this morning. the blue route was closed for about an hour and power was shut down at the shop-rite store. nbc 10 was there as crews worked to fix the lines. officials tell us power is fully restored. and as we continue to track showers and thunderstorms, get important weather information delivered right to your smartphone or tablet with the nbc 10 weather app. it's a free download so you can get it right now at our website at from delaware to washington people are mourning the loss of beau biden, the son of vice president joe biden and delaware's native son. nbc 10's jesse gary is live for us in claremont, new castle county. jesse, tell us what folks are saying today? >> we're standing outside a private catholic college prep high school here in claymont and the flags have been lower to
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half-staff as they have been across the state of delaware as a way of paying respect to the late beau biden. just spoke to the school's principal who said they led off the graduation ceremony yesterday with a prayer for the biden family. we found most people in the state are in shock and saddened by the death late saturday of beau biden, the former two-term attorney general and son of vice president joe biden. the office of the vice president said they are still assembling things trying to figure out what they want to do as far as the funeral is concerned but no officials plans yet. several sites around delaware are being considered but accommodating a large crowd is a consideration that could remove some of the places they're looking at from the list. of course, as soon as the office of the vice president lets us know what those plans are, we will share them with you. live in clay monthmont, new castle county jesse gary nbc 10 news. >> download our nbc 10 news app for any new information and funeral arrangements.
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meanwhile, one firefighter was injured in a building fire on north york street in pottstown late last night. he was hit by some sort of object. the fire chief tells nbc 10 that the injuries are not life threatening. the building was being renovate renovated. no one was inside at the time. the fire sunday control and investigators are looking for the cause. and in delaware county fire forced 17 people out of their homes in chester early this morning. the fire spread through the roof of five row homes on bickley place. no one there was hurt. and philadelphia police say a teenager stabbed a man to death over a cell phone. this happened yesterday evening on the 3100 block of berkeley drive in east falls. police say the teen and the man were arguing over a cell phone when the teen stabbed the guy to death. police are still looking for the suspect. and there's some new video philadelphia police want you to take a look at and it shows two suspects wanted for stealing a
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car from a repair shop on van kirk street in wissinoming. this was last week. an employee said he noticed that the front gate was cut when he arrived to work and then realize the a 2012 chevy cruz was missing from the lot. anyone with any information should contact police. and this just in a lot of work to be done to this bp gas station in philadelphia's port richmond neighborhood. police say a woman drove her car into the store an hour ago. no one was hurt. no word yet on what caused the crash or if the woman faces charges. in the case of a cape may county child missing for 24 years is getting new life today. the cape may county prosecutor's office, the middle township police department and the fbi will hold a joint news conference to announce a partnership in the search for mark himebaugh. he was 11 years old when he vanished near his home in dell haven back in 1991. today in trenton some state
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lawmakers are making a big push to bring gaming to north jersey. they're holding a news conference in just under an hour to discuss it. the big talk is over a proposed casino in jersey city. casino gaming has been restricted to atlantic city since the 1970s. as ac continues to struggle financially, lawmakers are fighting the proposal. and today montgomery county, we have a warning for residents living near the nuclear plant in limerick. you can expect to hear sirens going off at 2:00 this afternoon, but you shouldn't worry, it's just a test and will only last a few minutes, three minutes, in fact. it's one of two conducted at the facility every year. no deal on capitol hill. what's next now that the government's authority to collect your phone records has expired? the case is settled, but the pain is always going to be there. >> for the first time since a serious accident nearly a year ago, comedian tracy morgan opens up about what he remembers from
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the day of the crash and what life has been like in the "today" show exclusive. glenn? and another round of showers around storms is on the way. i'm tracking the timing and going to let you know what to expect and when just ahead.
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within the next 30 minutes or so senate lawmakers will meet to discuss the patriot act after lawmakers tried to strike a deal before key provisions to the patriot act expired. nbc'sr. tracy potie potts has more
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for us. >> reporter: the government is no longer collect phone records or use wiretaps to trace suspects who change phones. >> these tools give us better ability to see the tactical moves terrorist groups and various individuals are making. >> reporter: those provisions of the patriot act expired at midnight. >> isn't this program as critical as it's ever been since its inception given the fact that the middle east is literally on fire and we are losing everywhere? >> reporter: rand paul blocked it. he's running for president. critics accuse him of putting politics over national security. >> some of them i think secretly want there to be an attack on the united states so they can blame it on me. >> on this vote -- >> reporter: the senate failed to renew the patriot act or pass its alternative, the usa freedom act. >> i'm strongly in favor of protecting privacy rights, but we also have to be aware that
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we're under threat. >> reporter: the senate could fix this within days. majority leader mitch mcconnell now says he'll back the freedom act, which he had opposed. in a statement, the white house is urging the senate to act quickly on this. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. and within the past 30 minutes, we found out that the supreme court is throwing out the conviction of a northampton county man accused of making threats on facebook. justices ruled there's not enough evidence for prosecutors to show that the comments anthony made would make a reasonable person feel threatened. he was prosecuted for making illegal threats after posting a facebook rant about killing his estranged wife harming law enforcement, and shooting up a school. authorities near atlanta say a man shot four people at two different locations before deputies fatally shot him. investigators say the spree started at a liquor store where
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he opened up fire on a clerk there and then a customer who later died. then they say he went to his parents' home shooting them both. the suspect was killed when he shot at deputies. ten people are recovering from minor injuries this morning after an air conditioner fell several stories in new york city. the unit fell from a crane and crashed to the ground in manhattan yesterday. the unit sheared the size of a 30-story building as it fell to the count. the crane was lifting the unit to the top floor when the cable snapped. aide pedestrians and no workers were hit with flying dedebris. three people are hurt after a porsche crashed into a terminal at los angeles international airport yesterday. the vehicle slammed into a wall and then went into a utility room at l.a.x. a 9-year-old girl who was a pedestrian is in critical condition. the driver and a passenger are hospitalized, but they are expected to be okay. police say the driver mistook the gas pedal for the brake.
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and comedy star tracy morgan did his first television interview since surviving a deadly crash that tooked life of his close friend. morgan talked on the "today" show about being in a coma and the difficult road to recovery. nbc's mark barger reports. >> i can't believe i'm here. >> reporter: tracy morgan says he doesn't remember the accident. a collision between his limo bus and a walmart track for trailer going 20 miles over the speed limit. it left morgan with brain trauma and broken bones but killed his friend james income narmcnair. >> bones heal. >> morgan said he repeatedly watched coverage of the accident and his friend's funeral on youtube. >> i didn't know what happened to my friend. i didn't know. and i had to pay my respects. >> reporter: he says he's especially thankful he asked his fiancee and infant daughter not
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to travel with him on that fateful night because the daughter was teething. >> my daughter was 2 months old. she wouldn't have immediate it and megan wouldn't have made it. i don't know man. that's the thing that tears me up. >> reporter: last week morgan reached an undisclosed settlement with walmart. his physical and emotional recovery continues. >> i'm not 100% yet. i'm not. and when i'm there, you'll know it. i'll get back to making you laugh, i promise you. >> reporter: a promise tracy morgan's fans look forward to him fulfilling. mark barger nbc news. and nearly 600 cows were trapped in fast moving waters in texas over the weekend. a group of cowboys used air boats to reroute the cows through the floodwaters to a nearby rail yard. the ranchers say they were only able to rescue half the herd. the atlantic hurricane
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season begins today. forecasters are calling for a below normal season but they're warning everyone along the coast against complacency. officials warn it only takes landfall from one hurricane to cause a disaster. experts say now is the time to review your homeowner's insurance policy. hurricane season runs through the end of november. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well the hurricane season might not be real active, but we've got real active weather pattern over the next couple of days and maybe the entire week. we've got a first alert out for today and into tomorrow. showers and thunderstorms, some of them heavy, with localized flooding is likely at least parts of the area. we have cloudy skies now, some areas are getting fog, and there is a tremendous temperature difference across the region. 69 in philadelphia. cloudy skies. the winds north-northeast at 13
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gusting to 18 miles an hour. the biggest threat on the threat tracker by far is the heavy rain and the downpours as a result. much lower threats of lightning, high winds, hail in this particular case. so each setup is different. this one the heavy rain threat is the most important. look at this temperature range. 55 mt. poke yo. 61 allentown and trenton. 69 in philadelphia. 76 in wilmington but that doesn't even tell you. 84 in dover and georgetown. temperatures across our area range from 55 to 84 right now. we've got dense fog in the poconos, dense fog in toms river and just some light fog in other parts of the area. not a whole lot on the radar yet, but when you get that kind of a temperature contrast you're going to get more rain. now, this is the radar estimates
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of the rainfall in the last 24 hours or so. nothing in the southern half of delaware or extreme south jersey. lots of rain up toward lehigh valley and poconos. more rain in one day than they had the entire month of may, and here is an estimate in northern delaware this morning, 3 inches. delaware county 1.4, and some big amounts up toward the poconos. here is one place with 4.2. here is a 3.6 in upper bucks county, but much less as we head down toward philadelphia. so it's been a great variety and here is the future cast as we go through the afternoon. right along the front that separates the warm air from the cold air, we're going to be seeing these showers and storms form and if they start moving along the same line you can get multiple inches of rain. you can see some of the heavy rain in southern sections, they're going to catch up a bit with some of that rain that goes
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into tomorrow. we have different computers that show us the amounts of rain that we might get along with the timing. this one gives a generalized one-inch-plus. some places with two inches plus. we have some computer models that suggest much more rain than that. not over a widespread area but locally, a focused area. as we go through the day today and those new hours start to develop, we'll getting a better idea where that flood threat is going to be. this is not a typo. the high temperature in the lehigh valley 69. the high temperature in parts of delaware and south jersey 89. 20 degree temperature contrast as the showers and storms develop, some of them becoming heavy. seven-day forecast looks like just about everybody is cool tomorrow. 67 degrees, only 70 on
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wednesday. we still have chances of showers wednesday, thursday friday so we're going to catch up with some of that rain deficit that we have. temperatures don't get back up to the 80s until the end of the week. thank you, glenn. now to decision 2016. this is happening right now. south carolina senator lindsey graham you see there, the senior senator from south carolina, he's announcing he's running for president, and this live event is in central, south carolina his home state where he's a two-term senator replaced strom thurmond in 2003. he said he's running for president, because, quote, the world is falling apart and graham, of course joins eight other candidates for the presidency. for reasons for new moms to keep on breast-feeding their babies and research adds another important health benefit from nursing. plus, they say one person's trash is another person's treasure, right?
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well talking about a treasure one mystery woman inadvertently dumped. what a rare apple computer is worth and why the people who got rid of it is in for a lot of cash.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> it's 11:22 this monday morning. men with prostate cancer who eat mostly a western diet are more likely to die than men who avoid
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red meat and dairy products. the harvard study shows men have a 67% higher risk of dying from any cause. experts say sticking to a diet rich in vegetables and fruits and fish could significantly lengthen the lives of men living with prostate cancer. and researchers in israel found breast-feeding could lower the risk of childhood leukemia. the new study shows moms who breast-fed for six months or longer are you deuce their child's risk of developing leukemia by 19%. experts credit an anti-inflammatory defense mechanism found in breast milk. and survivors of childhood cancer are living longer than survivors during previous decades. back in the 1970s, 18% of five-year pediatric cancer survivors died within 30 years of diagnosis. new data shows 12% die from health related causes including delayed effects of cancer therapy. and researchers credit improvements to cancer treatments for the trend.
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and google is making its privacy controls a little bit easier to understand. you'll notice the redesigned my account hub if you're using google today. the company says the changes will make users more comfortable with google's digital services and the personal information that they choose to provide. google's product manager says the previous layout wasn't well organized and did not give users a lot of context. well we've needed the rain and today we're getting plenty of it. here is a live look at center city philadelphia. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is in house and he's tracking the showers and thunderstorms in our area today. plus on the mend. new details about secretary of state john kerry's injuries overseas and who will accompany him when he returns to the united states.
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this is nbc 10 news first alert weather. >> just before 11:30, heavy showers and thunderstorms across our area today. here is a live look now at cape may, new jersey. parts of the shore have been seeing the least amount of rain out of the system so far, but if you take a live look at the radar now, you will see we're getting a little bit of the break from the heavy rain we saw a little earlier this morning, but more is on the way. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with our forecast. glenn? >> yeah, vai. during the month of may, we're talking about how we needed the rain and we're in a drought, moderate drought in parts of the area. now we have a first alert weather day for the possibility of potential of getting too much rain. just in a day or two. heavy showers, possible thunderstorms leading to some localized flooding. they've had more rain in one day, the first day of june, in allentown than they had the entire month of may.
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now we have a flash flood watch that's been extended down through delaware and all of south jersey until midnight and some parts of that area are likely to see flooding. of course, there's not much that's going to be happening in the next couple hours because there's not very much on radar here but it will be developing during the afternoon, especially because of the heating and the temperature difference across the area. we've got a front sitting here just south of us. it's in the mid-80s to the south. in the 60s to the north. this is definitely a front there. and right along the front or near the front, that's where these showers and storms tend to form and sometimes they'll form straight west to east and in this case they'll be moving west to east. so some area can get several inches of rain while places just to the south, 20 miles to the south get very little 20 miles
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to the north get very little. that's why we'll have to follow this hour by hour as we go through the afternoon. and this is the afternoon rush as we head into the end of the day today. the severe weather tracker, there's just no doubt, the biggest threat is the rain itself. not so much lightning or gusty, damaging winds, or hail but the heavy rain and we will show you another computer model suggesting even more rain than the last one i just showed you along with the hour-by-hour timing of the seven-day in a few minutes. >> we'll see you then as we continue to track showers and thunderstorms. be sure to get important weather information delivered to your smartphone or tablet with the nbc 10 weather app and it's a free download that you can get right now at our website at condolences are pouring in from around the country for beau biden. the oldest son of vice president joe biden who lost his battle with brain cancer over the weekend. nbc's kristen welker reports.
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>> reporter: a grieving vice president biden called his son beau the finest man any of us have ever known. a special father/son bond that was clear to everyone. >> my friend my father my hero. >> reporter: born in 1969, beau was often by his father's side growing up but he became a politician in his own right, a decorated iraq war veteran who was twice elected as delaware's attorney general but family came first. >> this is an incredible loss. beau was an extraordinary person. >> reporter: the grief gripped washington where lawmakers offered emotional tributes sunday. >> i'd just like to express my sign sear condolences to the entire biden family. >> i think about life cut too short. >> reporter: the obamas also paid their respects traveling to biden's home in a smaller than usual all black mode kademotorcade. the president said beau was just like his dad and made a difference in the lives of all
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he touched. beau was barely 4 when he was in a car accident that killed his mother and sister. joe biden just elected to the u.s. senate was sworn in by beaus a hospital bedside. >> one of my earliest memories was being in the hospital my dad always at our side. >> reporter: beau was diagnosed with brain cancer two years ago and this spring he relapsed. the vice president became deeply personal at a graduation speech just days before beau checked into the hospital for the last time. >> my dad's definition of success is when you look at your son or daughter and realize they turned out better than you, and they did. >> that was nbc's kristen welker reporting. of course, you can counseledt on nbc 10 for complete coverage of the passing of beau biden. undod our news app for any new information we get and funeral arrangements. checking out the top stories right now. fire officials are look into
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what caused a building fire in pottstown last night. one firefighter was injured when he was hit by some sort of object. the fire chef tells us his injuries are not life threatening. the being was being renovated and no one was inside. a fire forced 17 people from their homes in chester earlier this morning. the fire spread through the roof of five row homes on bickley place. the cause remains under investigation. philadelphia police need your help finding the men spotted in this surveillance video stealing a car. this happened last week at a repair shop on van kirk street in wissinoming last week. an employee said he noticed the front gate was cut when he arrived to work and that he realized 2012 chevy cruz that was in the lot was missing. anyone with any information should contact police. and secretary of state john kerry kade in astayed in a swiss hotel after breaking his leg in a bicycle injury yesterday. he's expected to fly to boston
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today for more treatment. a spokesman said he's in great spirits and has made several phone calls, including one to president obama. funeral services will be held today for the washington d.c., family murdered in their mansion last month. police say the couple their 10-year-old son, and the family housekeeper were bound, threaten threatened, and killed before the house was set on fire. investigators say i wentwint worked for the family's company in the pars but the motive is unclear. and a washington, d.c. police officer is recovering after being shot overnight in dearborn michigan. according to police the officer was a passenger in an suv hit by gunfire in what police describe as an attempted carjacking. the officer and another man in the suv droufve to a police precinct for help. the new york man is dead after being tased by police. authorities in rochester say officers used a taser to subdie the man yesterday after he hit a
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car, a church a fence, and a house with his truck. and then they say he locked himself inside. when he came out, investigators say he charged at officers. family members say the man had breathing issues and was on medication. people enjoying the beach along the italian coast watch in disbelief as two planes collided over the weekend. this is cell phone video showing the moments leading up to the crash that killed one pilot and injured the other. the planes appear to be flying very close before one pilot dropped down and then clipped the other's plane right there. investigators are looking into one caused the planes to collide. and we have new video this morning of enrique iglesias injuring his hand during a concert in tijuana, mexico. it happened during his show saturday night. he grabbed a drone that was hovering in the air to get overhead camera shots and apparently put his hands into the blades. he began bleeding and he got
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some temporary treatment offstage but he continued to perform for another 30 minutes after the incident. and criminal charges have been filed against a building owner that once housed a bangladesh clothing company. that building collapsed two years ago and it killed 1,100 people. a government investigation showed workers were forgced to enter the building and work despite major cracks found a day before the collapse. 42 people have been charged. and in china bay singeijing has imposed the country's toughest ban on smoking. it's prohibited in all indoor public places including us as shopping malls, and airports. china is considered a country of smokers where 300 million people light up and 740 million are exposed to second-hand smoke. 75 years of racing history was brought crumbling to the ground over the weekend in southern california. the hollywood park racetrack
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grand stand was cleared to make way for a $2 billion stadium, entertainment, and residential complex. it was built in 1938 and it closed in 2013. and how about this? a 92-year-old two-time cancer survivor is now the oldest woman ever to complete a marathon. hair yet thompson is her name and she's from north carolina. here she is. she ran in the san diego rock and roll marathon in a time of 7 hours 24 minutes and 36 seconds. she's running to raise money for leukemia and lymphoma society and for her son who has recently diagnosed with cancer. and a rare apple computer gets dropped off as trash to a california recycling firm. it's one of only 200 ever made by steve jobs. the company says back in april a woman dropped off a box filled with some of her late husband's computer parts. the woman didn't want a tax receipt and didn't want to leave her contact information. workers say they didn't open the box for a while and then soon
11:38 am
they realized they were holding a gem. >> brought it here put it on the pallet. we couldn't believe our eyes. we thought it's fake. >> the company wants the woman to come back. they say it's company policy to give 50% of alljçqt items sold bage to back to the original owner. that means the woman would get $1,000 half of the -- $100,000 raert rather. that's half of the $200,000 that the company sold the computer for. wow. and the wait is over for fans of the book ""fifty shades of grey". a fourth involvel in the romance series will be released on june 18th. it follows an erotic romance between a young billionaire and a college student. the first book spent 20 weeks in the number one spot on usa today's best selling book list. the woman who was kidnapped
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from her seattle home as a teen and held captive for nine months is a new mom. this week marks 13 years since elizabeth smart was kidnapped at knife point by a street breecher and his wife. she was rescued nine months later when someone recognized her on the street. ten years later smart is married, a married mother who is advocating legislation to support children's rights. smart says her greatest aspiration was to be a mother. breaking up some locks of love. why paris is saying au revoir to an you a caanic tourist attraction. we're seeing a break from the heavy rain and storms for now but more is on the way. i'm tracking the timing of it all just ahead.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> people from all around the world consider paris to be the city of love but love didn't conquer all today. nbc's katy tur reports from paris. >> reporter: in the city of love, l'amour is all around you. where better to show your affection than with a lock on the bridge. >> symbolizes our love. >> reporter: never say never. at least in paris where french officials are officially saying adieu to the love locks. >> what? >> what? >> what? >> reporter: but it's true.
11:43 am
it's turns out those tokens of affection for years latched and left by lovers as a permanent symbol of their everlasting bond aren't so permanent after all. >> we want to say that there are many many ways to say i love you without putting a love lock. >> reporter: what started out as small declarations of love has morphed into a monstrosity. inscribed with initials and hearts locks on top of locks on top of locks. a million of them. so many the city covered them up with threewood for fear they'd never stop multiplying. with the 45 tons of extra weight, that fear wasn't just aesthetic. >> it's heavy. >> reporter: grate by grate they will come down. love locks today, lost tomorrow. there are a number of other bridges where you can put up your love locks, but
11:44 am
unfortunately those locks will be coming down soon enough as well. back to you. >> katy tur reporting from paris. it's no secret that many women are obsessed with shoes from strappy stilettos to sparkly ballet slippers to sleek sandals. whatever your passion it's time to slip on your favorite pair for a great event happening this week. jennifer is a founder of the organization fabulous shoe night and she's here with kristin smith from go red for women, a network of women dedicated to support for education and research for heart disease. jennifer, let's talk about your passion for shoes. you have taken it to a whole new level. >> yeah i have. it's kind of fun. >> tell us how this got started. >> i was having a bad day. i was out with a friend having drinks, and we were complimented on our shoes. so the person who complimented us said, you know can i just join you?
11:45 am
she did. we then went out in about two weeks after that and on that day i e-mailed them both and i said since we met and bonded over shoes, why don't we all wear our most fabulous shoes and we'll call it fabulous shoe night. so that night as i was heading out the door to meet them i stopped and i put on facebook i'm going out to fabulous shoe night and i got about 85 likes and all of these comments and i thought, okay fun. i'll just do this with me and my friends, and it just got huge. >> it just got big from there. so tell us what's in store for wednesday night. >> okay. our event will be at our king of prussia cap ter. it's going to be held at sullivan's and it's just a fun night out to wear whatever shoes you love. either high heel or just, you know flip-flops or clogs. there's a $30 ticket price and 100% of our proceeds will go to go red. >> that's pretty amazing.
11:46 am
kristin, tell us about your experience with go red for women and why this shoe event has become so big with the organization. >> well, i love shoes and i love jen, so it just was a perfect match. one in three women die of heart disease each year particularly for me african-american women die at a higher rate and so it means a lot to me to volunteer and to do this. >> how many folks do you expect wednesday night? >> you know i'm not quite sure yet. it does seem as though people wait until the last minute to buy tickets. it could get sold out so i don't know. >> you said you got three boys. >> yes. >> what do they think of mom? >> sometimes i don't know what they think of mom. i'ming honest with you. they're boys. >> well we are certainly proud of you. thank you very much for coming and sharing this with us. check out fabulous shoe night, king of prussia girls night out with a purpose that benefiteds go
11:47 am
red for women. june 3rd 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. at sullivan's steakhouse. for more information go to the website, we'll have a link there at and also you can check it out on our nbc 10 news app. jennifer, kristen, thank you so much for coming in. i hope your event goes really well wednesday night. >> thank you. happening today the phillies have the day off from baseball but they're not taking the day off from helping the community. here is a live look at citizens bank park this morning where the phillies festival strikeout als is today. >> high five. >> and the team will be at citizens bank park signing autographs for fans there will be a silent auction, also an opportunity to throw in the bull pen and the fun fires up at 4:30. tickets are still available and don't worry about today's wet forecast because the festival is on rain or shine. now, your nbc 10 first alert
11:48 am
weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> and it's a good thing they're not playing baseball tonight because it would certainly be threatened by the weather. we've got a first alert weather day. that goes actually into tomorrow. we've got showers and storms some of them likely heavy causing localized flooding. there's a shot from the poconos. that's one of the areas that's not in the flash flood watch. it's 70 degrees in philadelphia now with a northeast wind at 13 miles an hour. 15 degrees colder than this time yesterday. we hit 92 degrees yesterday. look at this contrast. allentown, 61. mt. holly, 64. dover is 84. not a typo. that's real. this is quite a front across the area. let's show it to you. here we go. even close up 62 in horsham and trenton. 78 in wilmington, delaware. farther to the north, of course it's colder.
11:49 am
61 in allentown. 59 in shenandoah. and then as you head to the south, 84 degrees in dover. 81 in millville. 80 in lipline. that's almost crazy. this is the area of storms that developed overnight, came through this morning, and now not much left. we're in a lull but with that heating of the day, those showers and storms should be redeveloping and here is what happens though. the front is extended east to west and the storms which tend to form right near that front and form in a west to east way. but the problem is they will move from west to east so the same areas have the potential to get hit over and over. it's called training. and that's what we're going to be looking for this afternoon. eventually some of that activity will spread down to the south,
11:50 am
but there's more coming up tonight and into tomorrow and some areas are definitely going to get pounded here. now, i showed you one computer model a little while ago. here is another one that's showing the heaviest of the rain ending up south of philadelphia but, again, we're looking at what's the maximum number? it's way over an inch. generally over two inches. in this case there's three inches for cape may. here is another model. this one is the most extreme of all. shows a tremendous contrast to the amount of rain and this area in red here that would be potentially over five inches of rain. so what we're talking about is the potential for what can happen with this. there's over three in dover, close to two inches in philadelphia, but practically nothing in allentown. and even practically nothing in atlantic city. look at this difference. that's the kind of differences
11:51 am
that can show up in patterns like this. so it's something we're going to have to watch and you're going to need to watch, too, because it can get serious when you get that amount of rain in a short amount of time. now, showers and thunderstorms, some of them heavy, and, yeah that is the temperature contrast. 69 in lehigh valley to 89 in parts of delaware. not that i'm not sure. that's what's going to happen. i am sure that there's going to be a tremendous temperature contrast today. you just saw it. well, tomorrow it's likely to be cool just about everywhere highs only in the 60s with periods of rain and then we have a chance of showers even each day for the rest of the week. so we're in a wetter pattern, that's for sure. this drought pattern gets broken up a little bit and then by the weekend we're back up into the 80s.
11:52 am
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and that's it for us today as i say good-bye for this last time -- >> signing off in style. veteran journalist bob schieffer was the face of "face the nation" for 24 years, and yesterday he said good-bye but he didn't do it alone. the 78-year-old chose to share his last sign off with the entire crew who helped make the show on the air every sunday
11:55 am
morning. coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00 it's "ellen" and today david spade joins ellen plus the band imagine dragons. then it's nbc 10 news at 4:00. a little extra in the paycheck how the start of the new month and the new month means more money for tens of thousands of people in our area. that's this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. we have a little bit of time for our chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz working a morning shift today with us in the morning, so you up? you all right? >> yeah now i am. well, the picture behind us we have some fog out there but it's not terrible. the problem is going to be the rain and wilmington blue rocks -- >> it's sunny out there. >> well it's not sunny, it's cloudy. it's just not raining. i'm going to be there on saturday. >> are you playing? >> it's science day. no. i'm throwing out the first pitch.
11:56 am
>> i'm never sure with you. you're such a big baseball guy. >> i'm throwing out the first pitch. >> are you ready? >> it's just an incredible honor. >> don't get booed. you have to throw a strike. >> yeah. then it's on youtube all over the world if i screw up. okay. >> so you got to be ready. >> that's right. so let's look at the radar. there's not much on there right now and it's going to be increasing during the afternoon. every computer model in the world shows us that. the showers and thunderstorms become heavier, but the temperature contrast doesn't change. it's 20 degree contrast across the area. so 69 to 89. and then tomorrow everybody is on the cool side and we have chances of showers each day for the rest of the week. that flash flood watch goes until midnight tonight, and there may very well be warnings issued later today and into this evening and we'll shallbe watching
11:57 am
that. >> you're back to work with us tomorrow morning. go to bed at 6:00. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. for glenn "hurricane" schwartz i'm vai sikahema. thanks for watching us. have a great day.
11:58 am
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12:00 pm
. >> jj: well, i'm--i'm glad that--that i ran into you. i know you said not to talk to you. >> paige: i said never to talk to me. >> jj: i know. >> paige: but i was so angry and hurt. maybe we should talk. >> jj: really? >> paige: yeah. you know, it's not every girl who gets to ask their boyfriend who was better in bed, me or mom. you know, i just think i'll die if you say my mom's a better kisser than i am. no, you know what? i don't think i want to talk to you after all. >> jennifer: i don't think you should be here right now. >> eve: i don't give a damn what you think, jennifer. my daughter's life has been destroyed, and it's all your fault.


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